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What are some of the biggest challenges facing Kiwi employers this year?

Its an election year, the cost of living is high and some industries are still reeling from Covid. What does this mean for employers?

Reviewing policies

Skills shortage:

Finding qualified and skilled employees for specific roles can be a challenge. Some Kiwi employers may struggle with attracting and retaining talent due to a lack of skilled workers in certain areas.

Compliance with changing employment laws:

Keeping up with evolving employment laws and ensuring compliance can be demanding for employers. Staying updated with legal requirements and adapting policies accordingly can be a continuous challenge.

Employee retention and engagement:

Retaining top talent and keeping employees engaged is a common challenge for employers. Creating a positive work environment, offering competitive compensation and benefits, and providing opportunities for growth and development are key strategies to address this challenge.

Technological advancements:

Embracing new technologies and adapting to digital transformations can be a challenge for employers. Keeping up with technological changes and implementing them effectively in the workplace may require additional resources and training.

Workforce diversity and inclusion:

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is a priority for many organizations. However, achieving diversity and inclusion goals may present challenges such as overcoming biases, ensuring equal opportunities, and fostering an inclusive culture.

Mental health and well-being:

Supporting employee mental health and well-being is gaining more attention in the workplace. Employers may face challenges in addressing mental health issues, promoting work-life balance, and providing appropriate support systems.

Economic conditions and market uncertainties:

Economic fluctuations and market uncertainties can impact businesses and create challenges for employers. Adapting to changing economic conditions and making strategic decisions to ensure the stability and growth of the organization is crucial.

It's important for employers to stay informed about industry-specific challenges and trends, seek professional advice when needed, and continually assess and adapt their strategies to address the evolving needs of their workforce and business environment. When it comes to employment law and human resources, we can help Kiwi employers get it right.


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