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Free Resources

We want you to get employment law right. That's why we have created free resources to help you understand some of the basics of HR as an employer. Full of tips, guides and things to avoid to point you in the right direction.

 If you have questions about HR or employment law, head to our FAQs or blog for more information.

Or if you have a specific issue you're dealing with, it pays to get advice specific to that situation. Contact us for a free consultation.

Our free resources for employers


How to guide:
Employee Remuneration

Quick tips:
Employee or Contractor

How to guide:
90 Day

Quick Tips: New Employees

DIY HR Checklist

  • Not sure whether you even need HR support?

  • Think you might have gaps in your processes, but you're not really sure?

  • Want to do things to right way but employment law isn't really your expertise?


Then this checklist is for you! Find out your businesses good bits and not such great bits by completing this DIY audit so you can see whether you have any risk. 

Just pop your details below to download our free DIY HR Checklist.

Click here to download

DIY HR Checklit

Quick Tips: Employee or Contractor?


​​Employees and contractors are very different things in the eyes of the law and getting it wrong can be expensive! As a general rule of thumb, if they're not really in business for themselves, they're probably not really contractors.


Download this checklist to get an overview of some of the key differences to help work out what your business actually needs... but if in doubt, as always, get some advice.

Employee or Contactor

How to: 90 Day Trials

​If you are using 90 Day Trials in your employment agreements, you need this free guide. Make sure you are ticking all boxes before employment and if you are terminating, to ensure you avoid common pitfalls. 

There are plenty of great employers in Aotearoa New Zealand who have thought that they were doing the right thing, only to find out afterwards that their 90 Day Trial is invalid. Despite being good bosses, they've inadvertently found that they have unfairly dismissed a worker and now have a costly personal grievance claim. 

Just pop your details below to download our comprehensive guide to 90 Day Trials

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90 day trial

Quick Tips: To ensure new employee success

Plant Nursery

Employing a new team member is an investment. Recruitment can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. Giving them the tools to succeed not only increases productivity and fosters loyalty, it means better staff retention. In other words, you need to give them the tools to succeed. 


Download our top three tips for ensuring that you are setting them up to succeed. 

New employee success

How to: Remuneration

Paying employees can seem like a no-brainer. You offer them a payrate, they accept and do the work. Then you simply pay them. But remuneration has a lot more to it than just this, especially if you are wanting to ensure productivity, profitability and morale in your workforce. 

Find out how to maximise the returns on wages, incentives and perks and how to put together a package that gets the best out of your employees. 

Just pop your details below to download our comprehensive guide to Remuneration

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