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Employer support:
Its what we do

We take the headache out of HR, by providing small business owners affordable, easy-to-access resources and expert support to reduce the risk of employment issues, improve productivity and increase profitability. And all this without charging you a fortune! And if you need it, we have expert consultants on hand to ensure the best outcome in any sticky situation. 

We can help your business thrive!

Wondering how we can support you?

In short, we take the hassle out of the HR and employment law so your business can flourish and you can free up your time. 


You get the space to do the things you love in your business, while we take care of the human resources stuff you don't. 

Get our free DIY HR Checklist

Want to know how your business' human resources processes stack up?
Or if there are gaps you need to sort?

Don't wait until you're in a sticky situation - our DIY HR checklist is a great way to start... and it's free!

Thanks! We'll send you the checklist shortly

DIY Checklist

We know what we're doing and our clients agree!

Honey & Royal Jelly Exporter

Auckland, New Zealand

"I'm so glad I didn't try handle it myself. You delivered on everything you promised."

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