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5 Ways to... Increase team morale

#5waysto With uncertainty and anxiety in the workplace at an all time high, how can you keep your team united, focussed and productive? Let's find out...

1. Recognition

With everything that has been going on, it's easy to forget to stop and celebrate the small victories, but taking a moment to recognise your team members for a job well done in their day-to-day work is the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to boost morale.

Top tips:

  • Recognise people the right way - don’t just hand out meaningless compliments, rather take notice when someone has improved or gone above and beyond, and tell them that you were genuinely impressed with the particularly good work they did.

  • Highlight their contribution - make sure to find opportunities to highlight the individual contributions of your team members in front of others. Giving recognition in front of peers, managers, clients, or at staff meetings can go a long way to making team members feel valued.

2. Lead By Example

It’s probably a very difficult time for you as an employer right now, especially with the increased strain from the pandemic, but stress and negativity are incredibly infectious. At the moment, it’s especially important to display a positive attitude and to minimise negative comments in front of team members.

Top tips:

  • Positivity is also infectious - your outlook can set the tone for your entire team’s attitude. Find a way to make the best of the situation. For ideas, see our blog on 5 ways to Rebuild Your Business After COVID-19. As a leader, your team members will look to you to understand how to approach what’s going on in the organisation and see the big picture.

3. Talk It Over

Communication is the lifeblood of any team. Why not talk to your team members about how they are finding things and what they might be struggling with

Top tips:

  • Don't get too personal - keep things general at first and talk about how they are going specifically in their role. If they start opening up, they might let you in on some other things that are happening in their life that might impact their overall demeanour.

  • Listen - no one likes to be asked a question only to get interrupted before they've finished answering it. If you're prepared to ask them a question, take the time to listen to the answer. You might actually find the key to helping your team member feel better about things.

  • Ask for their help - tell them that you're concerned that the team is a bit flat and ask them if they have any ideas about how you can liven things up. Not only might they come up with some great ideas, but they will feel valued and trusted from you coming to them.

4. Team Building Events

Team building events can include anything from a work dinner, to a night out bowling to just some Friday drinks or a free lunch for the team. It doesn't have to cost the Earth but it could be the very thing your team needs to get on the same page.

Top tip:

  • Don't overspend - the amount you of money you spend isn't important, it really is the thought that counts. So show that you have thought about your team by making sure you plan something that everyone will enjoy or least feel comfortable doing.

  • Create the right environment - creating an event where your team can work together to accomplish something while having fun is a great start.

  • Keep it light - allowing plenty of time for team members to have casual conversations and talk about things other than work can really help to create unity and understanding.

5. Transparency

As an employer, there are things that you cannot divulge to members of your team, but there are plenty of things that you can tell them keep them in the loop.

Top tips:

  • Focus on building trust - instead of passing on needless facts and figures, trusting your team by asking their opinions about decisions and letting them in to your thinking on decisions you have made will help your team to feel involved and engaged. For the benefits of this see our blog 5 Ways to Build profitability Through your Team

  • Reassure them - if you can, reassure your team that as far as you are aware, your company will be able to continue operating and that their jobs are secure for the foreseeable future. Obviously, it is vital that you act in good faith but if things aren't as dire as they might imagine, why not confirm that fact? Telling them this will allay their fears of losing their jobs and the financial implications that might bring.

In conclusion

Nothing can be as damaging as bad team morale and of left unchecked it can fester and cause more issues. Paying attention to how your team is coping with these uncertain times and taking steps to improve their morale will surely benefit your business in the future.

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